What does United Medication do?

  1. Drones for Security, Plant Feeding, Data collection and More.

  2. Genetic Testing Reporting & Accurate Seed and Plant Sex 

  3. Data Marketing (PM) that helps predict your customer with accuracy.



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Cannabis Seeds at low rates:

We work with a variety of legal farmers looking to sell organic seeds to you. Our Breeders have a long history of producing the best genetics at the cheapest price.

Cannabis seeds do not have any of the illegal chemical properties. Seeds can be consumed without providing the cognitive and physical effects of Cannabis - providing key nutrition to your diet. Meaning THC and other illegal properties are not present in cannabis seeds!

We can connect you with local farmers who are trusted in your market giving you the best genetics at the cheapest price.


Griggs Drone



Predictive Marketing (PM)



“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

— Alexander the Great